Anti - Termite Treatment

Termites are in existence since a long time. From ages, they have been our reason of worry when we it comes to caring our wallpaper, wooden products, fabric made from plants and plastics. Why are they reason of our worry? The simple answer is that all the above mentioned products serve as the main diet of the termites. There are many types of termites such as, Dry wood Termites, Subterranean Termites, Formosan Termites and Damp wood Termites.

Many countries have to bear huge economic damage each year just because of termites. Their ability to eat the wooden products has been the cause of major damage. Hence, Anti Termite Treatment has become very essential.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes seek their prey by exhaled carbon dioxide and the warmth of our bodies. So Mosquito Control is very important to all. Today lot of Mosquito Control Products are available in market. They cause malaria and dengues. Mosquito Pest Control has become the mandatory exercise for us. We have total solutions for Mosquito Control.

Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches, known to carry disease such as dysentery, diphtheria, typhoid, hepatitis and gastroenteritis, are a hazard to life and our surrounding. So Cockroach Control is important and critical for basic well being health. However, with our experienced in cockroach control services, we, KPCS are capable and have terminated a great number of cockroaches at corporate places, institutions and at domestic places. The technology and the Pest Control method we use including the chemicals and pesticides are very effective and offer quick results with are long lasting. It is also notable here that cockroaches have the capability of adapting to any living condition including the extremes and survive them.

Wood Borer

Wood Borers are insects that destroy wood or its related products by eating it up and eventually rotting it. And as most of these pests are invisible to the naked eye as they are found inside woods. Then Wood Borer Control and Borer Control Services practices are badly needed. There are number of wood borer insecticide in the market. We offer our special Larvicide service a form of wood borer treatment through which we can track and terminate these pests with ease, bringing them to an end. The technology and methods we use will not harm or destroy your wooden furnitures but removes the borers with ease. The methods we use are eco-friendly, odourless and produce quick results which are also long lasting. This process is done to kill the Wood borer pests during their larva stage thus causing more damage and bringing more effect.

Bed Bugs

One female bed bug can produce around 10000 offsprings in 3 months and one meal lasts each insect about 3 days in warm temperature but while lying dormant, Bed bugs can survive for upto a year without a meal. Effective chemicals kill bed bugs, eliminate Wood Borer, Kill Mosquitos and control them. Bed Bugs can consume about 4 times their own body weight in less than 15 minutes. We offer satisfactory Bed Bugs Control to the customers.

Rodent Control

Rodents have lived with humans for centuries and have been responsible for spreading many diseases including the bubonic plague which killed millions of people.Mice mostly nest inside walls, cupboards, stored boxes or in other warm areas like behind refrigerators or ovens in kitchens. Mice don’t travel very far and usually stay within a few meters of their nests.Rats generally nest outdoors in burrows dug underneath houses, sheds & buildings or in piles of rubbish, timber, compost heaps. Some rats however like the warmth and security of the cavities in walls and in the insulation found in lofts. We provide services through which they can be controlled.

Lizards Control

The ways in which a Lizards can cause any kind of damage is by leaving behind its droppings and eggs in completely unexpected places, such as between the clothes in our closets, or in a corner of an open loft, or even, simply, in some nook on the floor. The trouble with the droppings is that although significantly small, they leave behind an offensive odor, along with the perpetual possibility of somebody stepping on them and soiling their feet or footwear, which does tend to get considerably disgusting, we agree. Apart from that, it also becomes a headache when we accidentally squash or break their eggs while clearing out the corners in the house, and the gooey mess that is created is certainly troublesome.

Honey Bee Removal Treatment

Honeybees are active pollinators, and produce honey which feeds their young in colder months. The honeybee is the only social insect whose colony can survive many years. Honeybees produce honey from pollen and nectar of the plants they pollinate. They store the honey in honeycombs in their nests. They often build their nests in tree crevices, but will occasionally build nests in attics or chimneys. Honeybees do sting, but they only sting once. The sting can be extremely painful if the stinger is not immediately removed from the sting. Persons allergic to insect stings will have a more severe reaction. We provide services through which they can be eliminated.

Snake Prevention Treatment

The sense organs of snakes are uniquely different than those of mammals and other animals. Unlike mammals, which mainly rely on their sight and hearing, snakes rely primarily on their senses of smell and touch. They do not have moveable eyelids, but transparent caps called "brille" as protective eye coverings. Because of this, their eye movement is fairly limited. They also do not have an external ear, middle ear, or tympanic membrane (eardrum). Instead, they use a small ossicle (ear bone), called the "columella," to detect vibrations of sound waves conducted through the ground. They are able to pick up some sound waves conducted through the air, but only at very low frequencies. Snakes actually sense the vibration right throughout their bodies via their spine, this is termed somatic hearing, where the vibration is picked up and transferred along the spinal cords to the ear bone. They are considered to be one of the most dangerous wild species. We also provide treatments related to this.