We provide services in residential areas as it is the most important area in which we spend most of the time so it is essential that it must be safe and sound from every kind of pesticides. We offer our best possible treatments to ensure healthy environment.


We understand the value of your business and the impact that unwanted pests can have on the health of your staff, your stock, equipment and most of all your profit margins. So, we also provide services in commercial areas to ensure free pest environment.


We also provide services in industrial areas as these are also pest prone areas which are needed to be controlled.

Hotels & Restaurants

We also provide services in hotels and restaurants as hotels are more vulnerable to pest threats, but also because of the impact pest infestations can have on the reputation of your hotel. Hotels are under a greater risk of pest infestation, due to multiple entry points. There are multiple and divert pest control requirements, e.g. housekeeping, restaurant and bar area and the hotel maintenance department. In addition to this, due to the fact that guests stay and live in the hotel the visibility of pest infestations is pretty high and requires constant attention.


Educational facilities are expected to be bright, clean, hygienic and safe. This can be challenging with hundreds of students and staff circulating through hallways, cafeterias, gyms and restrooms. So, we also provide services in schools.


Commercial storage warehouses and manufacturing units also face challenges in pest related problems. There are many types of insects and animals that can infest your premise. We knows how important it is to our clients that their manufacturing units and warehouses are effectively treated so we also operate in warehouse area.